D.I.Y Poorman’s Methods of Prospecting

So after a ton of rock crushing with a pos-thammer and heavy prybar, i decided to do the Google Patents and look at rock crushers, I also looked at buying a 800$ rock crusher. After all of this I decided to build one (took 3 days of goofing off in the garage)!

1. 1947 3″ Irrigation pump (broken motor) was 28$ at the junk yard but wieghs in at 50lbs and is 3/4 inch thick Cast Iron.
2. 2 12ton Chain hooks 3.37$ at home depot
3. 2 edger (lawn edger) blades 5.00$ Home depot
4. A Black n Decker 5HP 24volt DC (!another yay moment! NOW portable!) Rechargeable Lawnmower, FREE! yup lady next door put it on the curb battery’s dead (And I never throw away anything, according to my wife)… Truth be told my garage is Way to full.
5. 1 12V Car battery. Free again Kept the old one out of my sons El Camino… lol after it went dead,, but turned out after the replacement it was his alternator.
6. Bolts from the bolt can, and solder.. etc etc…

Ripped the old lawnmower apart shortened the bar down to 1/2 its size, and placed the old switch on it, then figured out spacing to mount batterys, and the built in Recarger (yup no need to buy a battery charger, used the one provided) mounted all of these, then pulled the motor off the pump. (ALOT of pounding rust was holding everything together) anyhoo mounted the 5HP motor from the Lawnmower to the Intake on the Pump (Thus reversing the way water or ROCK travels thru the pump housing) Bolted it after doing a tap and die to the motors bolt holes. Then used a ring to mount the 2 Chain hooks together. while they were still hot from the welding i put em on the plastic clutch piece that normally held the lawnmower blade in place, on top of these i placed the 2 lawn edger blades and bolted it down to the input shaft. (Already threaded). i came up with this configuration after trying chains, and the old lawnmower blade… they did not weigh enough for me to consider them a “Hammer”. the bottom edger plates take the small particulate and mash it against the housing beffore allowing it to flow thru the 1″ bottom hole (was the old motor shaft input).
Mounted the entire housing together with 1/2 the bolts used before and used a water resistant grease on each of the holes..(Rust is my enemy) then mounted the housing of the pump to the old lawnmower housing. made a 8″ down tube from the shaft hole to funnel the “Sand” into a large tote (hindsight says i might should have built 2 of these 1 portable and one on a table).


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